Petra Cave Spa

A refreshing and uplifting wellness experience

The all-natural materials immediately ground you back to earth. Sensational lighting, a blend of essential oils scents, earthy decoration and a serene atmosphere, create the perfect pathway to start your journey of wellbeing.

Away from anything non-earthy, the only complete wellness area in Astypalaia Island is undoubtedly a one-off. Relaxing or healing massage therapies with volcanic stones, classic aromatherapy, signature body treatments with shells and cinnamon or detoxifying body treatments based on algae, rich in marine minerals and trace elements. Naturally inspired facial treatments, with honey and royal jelly, body treatments inspired by the mediterranean with red grape, nail care techniques, steam baths, sauna and tailor-made wellness packages combining exfoliation, anti-aging, radiance and hydration. All the above will ease your anxieties and bring an instant sense of calm, while balancing your mental and emotional clarity.

Rejuvenate your energy field in a soothing environment, where stone and wood prevail. Petra Wellness & Spa offers a peaceful ambiance, as well as wellness professionals and experienced massage therapists, prepared to assess your current state and work on a personalized wellness plan of action. You may also enjoy this refreshing and uplifting wellness experience with your loved ones, using the double cabin. For all our body or face treatments and therapies we use exclusively Germaine de Capuccini products, starring for over 50 years in professional skin care. Products are also available for retail purchases. 

On this wellness voyage, you can certainly recognize the benefits of other relieving activities too, such as the steam bath or sauna. If you use sauna before a massage therapy, you warm up your muscles and prepare them for deeper stretching and tension relief. If sauna follows your massage therapy, you mostly enjoy detoxification benefits as you sweat and circulation takes away all accumulated toxins out of your system. Either way, you further enhance and increase the benefits of your therapy.

Let’s admit it, connecting with ourselves is the most important thing to do as we move through life. And this process involves taking good care of ourselves. Spa therapies have existed since the classical times when taking bath with water was considered a popular means to treat illnesses. In fact, the word spa comes from the Latin phrase "salus per aqua", meaning "health through water." In Petra Wellness & Spa, we strongly believe that wellness is not only about relaxation. It’s about being able to live in the present moment and being comfortable within ourselves. And eventually, it’s about living a better life.