Boutique Eva

Showcasing Greece’s most creative and upcoming designers

High-end fashion, inspiring design, intense character and sophisticated aesthetics are the main qualities all travelers appreciate when stepping foot into the elegant boutique Eva. The tasteful selection of greek designers is based on quality materials and authentic design.

These Inspired by the boho - chic philosophy, Eva boutique is constantly inviting travelers to explore greek fashion through new eyes. For a minute, it might feel like walking into a contemporary art gallery with short term exhibitions by upcoming artists. The exclusively greek fashion items are creatively placed into wooden drawers, large straw baskets, tree branches, vintage furniture or minimalistic clothes hangers, reminiscent of  a luxurious showroom.

The mostly womenswear Eva boutique is located on the entrance of Pylaia Boutique Hotel & Spa. Customers may shop casual - chic dresses, sophisticated shirts, artsy accessories, greek-leather sandals, aesthetically pleasing and imaginative homeart items, fine handcrafted jewelry and much more, across the beautifully designed interwoven areas. 

There is shopping and there are exclusive shopping experiences that go beyond everyday expectations, bringing together the ultimate in retail lifestyle and tailor-made service. This is what you experience in Eva boutique.