Greek breakfast

Made in Astypalea

The smell of freshly baked bread from the wood-fired oven, leads you to the breakfast area, which could not but be located at the highest point of the hotel, overlooking the steep hills of Astropalia and the endless Aegean blue. Highly energizing and with a remarkable variety of quality choices, breakfast here is prepared with local ingredients from the motherland, using fresh seasonal produce and pure raw materials. It is prepared traditionally, with passion.

Freshly squeezed juices with seasonal fruits, delicious eggs in all versions, fluffy omelets, hand-kneaded pies, homemade cakes and cookies, traditional jams and spoon sweets and of course, rusks and traditional pastries of our own production with the signature "Eliana", which are made only a few meters away from the hotel, at the Traditional Bakery of Astypalea "Eliana". For their production, we solely use ingredients from Astypalea or Greece, just like tradition has it: the worldwide famous yolk or saffron that grows on the northern slopes of Astypalea’s mountains, our rich in flavor and aromas thyme honey and wild thyme or oregano, found in almost every corner of the island. From the traditional Astypalean yellow crispbreads and the almond or thyme rusks, to the round barley rusks made with sea water, everything is extra delicious and utterly healthy.

What will pleasantly surprise you in this varied buffet is the fresh peinirli which is baked traditionally in the wooden oven, combined with your ability to enjoy them with whatever ingredients you choose! Of course, the same applies to the delicious omelets, crepes or waffles that are daily prepared using pure ingredients and  local products.

The highly energized buffet offers juicy fruits and fresh vegetables, as well as other options suitable for vegetarians or people with gluten intolerance. And if you are interested in local delicacies, you may even try the traditional treat of Astypalea called “pougki”, a handmade pouch with honey (or not) and a cheese filling with the island’s famous cream cheese “chlori”, made from local goat and sheep milk. Finally, you have the opportunity to enjoy the first and most precious meal of the day in your room, while gazing at the Aegean blue.

Greek Breakfast