Day Cruises

Embark on a Majestic Journey

New for the 2024 season, enjoy a breathtaking day cruise to the islands around Astypalaia with our very own, privately owned motorboat. Embark on a majestic journey across the azure waters with our brand new 2024 V Cruiser motorboat. With its generous dimensions of 12.70 meters in length and 4.00 meters in width, this vessel is not just a boat but a floating oasis. Designed for luxury and comfort, it boasts two cozy cabins, a welcoming salon, dual engines with 850 horsepower, and the essential convenience of an onboard WC. Accommodating up to 12 guests, it promises an intimate yet spacious setting for your maritime adventures.

Available Cruises:

  • Pera Gyalos through the emerald waters to Koufonisia, Koutsomytis, the breathtaking Kokkinos Gremos, and Agios Fokas, with adjustments made according to the weather.
  • A scenic voyage from Pera Gyalos to Agios Giannis and Kaminakia's secluded beaches.
  • An exploration starting at Pera Gyalos, weaving through Glyno Nisi, Vrysi, Kokkinos Gremos, and Agrelidi. For those seeking a tailored experience, our private charter adapts to your preferences, offering a truly personalized adventure at sea.

Activities like SUP and snorkeling are the cherry on top, making your cruise not just a journey, but a treasure trove of memories.

Dive into the elegance of Greek maritime luxury with us, where every cruise is more than a journey—it's a celebration of the sea, the sky, and the sublime tastes of Greece.

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