Philosophy & vision

Highlighting Astypalaia's way of living


We are a family  of businesses in Astypalea offering genuine Greek hospitality, modern accommodation units based on traditional architecture and creative restaurants. While showing profound consideration towards the surrounding environment and the local traditions and customs, our mission is to highlight the Astypalitic way of life, through our modern yet traditional accommodation and gastronomic units.



  • Kindness, generosity, politeness: These mark the beginning and ending of our every action.
  • Moral justice and equality: Justice is a fundamental right of every human being. Equal opportunities are a key principle of any modern society.
  • Sustainability and sustainable development: We invest and grow sustainably. And that is the only way.
  • Respect for our heritage and traditions: In addition to the environment, we always show respect towards the traditions and cultural heritage of our hometown.



With an emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development, our vision is to offer a genuine islandic travel experience to every visitor. To achieve this, we are gradually turning to the use of recyclable materials, the removal of plastic and the application of the tri-fold reuse - reduce -recycle, wherever possible. In addition, another goal of ours is to offer more dietary options for vegetarians and people with gluten intolerance, making this travel experience easy, accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

The sustainable character of our businesses is inextricably linked to this effort, as we use our own, pure ingredients and quality materials. In fact, in an effort to further highlight the customs and promote the pure products of Astypalea, in 2007 we created Eliana Traditional Products Bakery, which produces and exports handmade bakery products not only in Greece, but all over the world.

With sincere intentions, simplicity, passion and respect towards our island’s traditions and cultural heritage, we choose to look at the future with optimism and continue to invest in our homeland.



Drawing inspiration from the top tourist destinations of Greece, when Petridena’s family envisioned Pylaia Boutique Hotel & Spa, they decided to establish a hotel with developed aesthetics for all modern travelers. A hotel with exceptional and personalized services that will highlight Astypalea as a destination. And so it happened.

The name Pylaia Boutique Hotel & Spa is not random at all. It was selected based on the history of Astypalaia, as Pylaia is what the island was formerly called. It communicates its authenticity, represents its insularity and highlights the special advantages of this unique island. The hotel seems like a miniature of the island’s main town (Chora). White cobbled alleys reminiscent of neighborhoods, whitewashed interiors, concrete floors, stone-built stairs and huge sun shade sail canopies, reminiscent of the country's historic windmills. The hotel is inextricably linked to the architecture of Astypalea, but it maintains its freshness and modern aesthetics. At the same time, special attention was paid to both the interior design, decoration and furniture of every interior area or room. And this is why no space or room is identical, everything is unique. With their dedication and persistence in quality, cooperation with leading companies in linen, decoration, bathroom and sleep products, was a one way street.

The family's constant effort for further upgraded services is reflected in the Spa area, which was completely renovated in 2015 and includes trained personnel as well as a variety of services and treatments. This effort is complemented by the hotel’s boutique, as it presents up-and-coming designers and Greek artists. As for the gastronomy, traditional recipes and pure ingredients compose a genuine Astypalean breakfast with panoramic views of the Aegean, while Cucina Restaurant & Bar offers creative Italian cuisine in a friendly and unpretentiously luxurious environment, combining quality ingredients, imaginative combinations and new techniques. At the same time, in an effort to promote Greece’s tradition in viticulture and winemaking, a wine cellar was created, presenting dozens of labels from all over Greece and abroad.

Petridena’s family, with sincere respect to the tradition and heritage of their homeland, created a high-end hotel that is unparalleled on the island. They managed to highlight the distinctive identity of Astypalea and the islandic way of life. They hoped to grant Astypalea its rightful place onto the travel map of Greece, while reviving its sophisticated and  eclectic character. And they made it happen.