The Hotel

Traditional architecture in a modernized residential environment

Pylaia Boutique Hotel & Spa got its name from an old alias of Astypalea. According to history, the locals used to call the island "Pylaia" - practically meaning gate in Greek, because of its morphology, i.e. because of the many coves found on the island, also known as "gates".

Built on a slope just 300 meters from the island's capital, Chora, the hotel stands out in this seaside settlement as it spreads over an area of ​​two acres and offers panoramic views of the Aegean Sea while overlooking to the bays of Tzanaki, Papou, Agios Konstantinos and Echili. In addition to the main building, which includes the reception facilities, Eva boutique and Cucina Restaurant & Bar, the other five smaller two-storey buildings feature a total of 26 luxurious rooms and suites. The hotel’s pool is located between various rooms, which are all commonly elegant. What is extraordinary though, is that their details make them stand out and give each and every one of them a distinct identity. No room is the same in Pylaia Boutique Hotel & Spa.

Full of light, warmth and comfort, the whitewashed hotel is perfectly harmonized with the natural environment that surrounds it. Based on the traditional Astypalitic architecture, it presents modern aesthetics and elegant, natural decoration. The sun shade sail canopies used in the hotel rooms, offer a Cycladic character to the atmosphere and contrast with the deep blue sky and the navy blue Aegean. On the other hand, the stone built element is reminiscent of the Dodecanese Islands. The cooling stony alleys are decorated with olive and prickly pear trees, reminding of an islandic neighborhood and creating an excellent example of adapting a place’s tradition to today.

The protection of the natural environment and sustainable development have played an important role in the hotel’s project. Natural materials such as wood, canvas and white gravel were given emphasis in order to ensure proper shading and thermal insulation and avoid excessive energy use. Another highly impressive aspect of the architectural design is the utilization of solar energy, so that every space or room is comfortable without the use of electricity. Furthermore, both solid and liquid waste is recycled, while environmentally friendly products are always used for cleaning, so that the hotel’s environmental footprint in the natural landscape is kept as small as possible.

Combining timeless with ephemeral, classic with modern, larger with smaller scales, and conventional with recyclable, natural, materials, Pylaia Boutique Hotel & Spa is an ode to the archetypal architecture of the island.